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April 12th, 2012
07:56 PM ET

Axelrod: "Romney campaign jumped" on Rosen comments

John King speaks with David Axelrod about comments by Hilary Rosen and how the economy could play for the Obama campaign.

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  1. Tom Burns


    You should be ashamed for jumping on Hilary Rosen. Comparing Ann Romney to the average working mother is nothing less than moronic. Try working a full day coming home making dinner, helping with homework, cleaning, doing the wash and starting over again the next morning. Ann is married to a multi millionare who "choose" to stay home and raise her boys. May I repeat "choose" to stay home. I wish my mother had that option. You may want to ask Ann how many Nannys, maids, cooks and cleaning people were employed by the Romneys??? You owe Hilary an apology, on air!

    April 12, 2012 at 10:55 pm |
  2. Rosen Comment

    I'm the person Hillary Rosen made comments about...No one can address the hardships of a working women raising children unless they have experienced the sacrifice.

    At the outset get off Hillarys back...she spoke the truth. Rommney referes to his wife about the status of economics in this country for what reason. Better yet, Mormans don't often use their wives suggestions anyway, men consider themselves the supreme leaders of their family.

    I divorced my husband and did not receive any child support.
    The working women of this country especially the eroding middle class reflect me as a working women raising 5 children with no help. I went to work everday, raised five children, kept them all in private school. Every morning the routine was shower, wake kinds, fix breakfast, brushed teeth for youngest, made sure uniforms were on properly, kids ate, walked to school bus, cleaned house, fixed dinner, paid bills, did laundry for next day, babysitter arrived at 2:00pm, I left for work at 2:30pm. Off at 11:00 pm checked homework left on table, ironed uniforms for next day, laid out clean underware. The next day the routine would start all over again.

    Don't begrudge anyone for having money. But I do take issue with those who imply that Rosen took the wrong position.

    Romney will do anything to get elected. He will be the first morman, but he will never get my vote...he will tear this country apart.

    President Obama has remained true to his statements of the past...Family members are off limits...I respect that.

    Today, I have 5 kids who graduated from high school, no drug addicts, two college grads all are working and independent.

    April 14, 2012 at 1:45 pm |