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March 26th, 2012
07:29 PM ET

Brewer: Court won't uphold 'Obamacare'

Gov. Jan Brewer is confident that the Supreme Court or Mitt Romney will eliminate the president's health care plan.

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March 23rd, 2012
07:50 PM ET

Pastors meet with President on Martin case

Rev. Calvin Butts and Rev. Charley Hames Jr. tell Candy Crowley about meeting with President Obama on death of Florida teen.

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March 22nd, 2012
07:33 PM ET

Jealous: Sanford, Florida is Sanford, USA

Candy Crowley speaks with NAACP President , Benjamin Jealous, on the Trayvon Martin case in Florida.

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March 21st, 2012
08:14 PM ET

Romney's "Etch A Sketch" headache

CNN's John King and our political panel, Bay Buchanan, John Feehery and Paul Begala, discuss "The Truth" of how an Etch A Sketch shook up the Romney campaign.

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March 21st, 2012
07:56 PM ET

Trusting the Intelligence on Iran

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden and John King discuss intelligence on Iran and whether a military strike is justified.

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March 21st, 2012
11:55 AM ET

Mapping out Romney's Illinois win

John King and Wolf Blitzer at the Wall draw out where Romney won among the Illinois counties and by how much.

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March 20th, 2012
07:55 PM ET

McDonnell: Romney will be the nominee

John King and Gov. Bob McDonnell discuss the GOP race, the voting in Illinois and how the nominee will do in Virginia.

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March 20th, 2012
07:47 PM ET

Rep. Brown: Nobody feels system is fair

Rep. Corrine Brown and John King discuss the death of Trayvon Martin. She explains why she believes the system isn't fair.

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March 19th, 2012
09:19 PM ET

John King takes your questions LIVE tomorrow at 12pm ET

How are Super PACs influencing the GOP race? Wondering what the term 'brokered convention' even means? Will Obama's team raise more money this year than in 2008? TOMORROW at 12pm ET, John King takes YOUR questions live. Post your questions here or tweet @JohnKingCNN and tune in to

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March 19th, 2012
07:48 PM ET

Looking at the Trayvon Martin case

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee tells CNN's John King why she thinks the Trayvon Martin case should be federally investigated.

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