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March 7th, 2012
11:09 AM ET

Romney wins a close battle in Ohio

The neck-and-neck race in Ohio between Romney and Santorum led to the former Mass. governor clenching the victory by a narrow margin. John King takes a closer look at the votes that made his win possible. Did you think Romney would pull out Ohio in the end?

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  1. dingwizard

    I was following this battle all night. It seemed like Santorum was going to pull it out but Romney came back as the votes were counted. I honestly didn't think it was going to be as close as it was. I thought Romney would have won in a landslide but I guess the critics were wrong.

    March 7, 2012 at 9:25 pm |
    • Elif

      Hunter,Shout-out entry? Thanks, I'll take it. To be sure, my neighborhood still has inictnonfug street-lights, but there are areas within sight that are in darkness. I'm not sure what to say about the whole thing.. It was always inevitable, I guess. It's gonna be wild ride pretty soon. And there's no place else I'd rather be. While some may believe that the South will be the place BRA is struck a mortal blow, I say it will here in Detroits ruins, that white people will finally have had enough, and pick up where we left off in 1967. All the conditions on the ground grimly point to this. Regarding Romney's old man, you are correct he was a gutless, treasonous, opportunist who sat on that anarchy for several days before calling in the national guard, because he had ambitions for the GOP nomination the following year. LBJ wasn't cooperative either, but I would expect from from the father of the Great Society. Needless to say, I would sooner vote for President Shitskin than for Mitt Romney. Give America a long overdue shot of euthanasia and lay her to rest. Usher in Gunfighter Nation!

      March 23, 2012 at 9:38 pm |