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February 23rd, 2012
07:31 PM ET

Two U.S. troops die in Quran protests

Nick Paton Walsh reports on the deaths of two U.S. soldiers during protests against the Quran burnings in Afghanistan.

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  1. Linda Goforth

    Being a woman I would seem to be more likely to say "oh, we are really sorry", but instead I am furious at the man who claims to be a Commander in Chief sending a benign apology for such complete disregard for anyone's sacred writings. These troops are supposed to be protecting both the Quran, the Bible, the sacred and spiritual values of any culture that has a code of behavior that is on the norm a code of decency! Evil is against us all! Evil is in the mind of anyone who would thoughtlessly throw them in the trash, burn them, tear them, step on them, show any disdain for what is holy. We are there to fight those who have nothing holy about them, and have no actual connection to the Quran! This is on the order of other atrocities performed by Americans, soldiers or not. The Commander in Chief should be ordering their arrest and immediate shaming court martial and imprisonment to send the message to others everywhere that this is not tolerated, not just an error, but careless and inexcusable. This is the absolute minimum that should be done. No, God, what is to help if not a fervent defender of all faiths in our Commander in Chief?

    February 25, 2012 at 11:21 pm |