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February 10th, 2012
07:43 PM ET

Sandusky wants to visit his grandchildren

CNN's Jason Carroll reports on the former Penn State football coach's testimony at a pre-trial hearing.

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  1. Charles J. Budde

    An accusation, even an indictment is not a conviction. There is an on going contradiction between our constitution and suspicion of the public. This is one of those elements that Franklin was referring to when he said that the Continental congress had delivered a republic, if we can keep it. The suggestion, not even the arrest or indictment for the assault of a child is synonymous with guilt and conviction. In our current environment of snarkiness and hyperbolic sarcasm, this is true of any accusation against any person, regardless of their character. I am not defending Sandusky beyond what I believe to be a mistake that we have tolerated for too long. We need to have a discussion about how to separate our reasonable outrage over the fact of a crime and the accusation. The trick will be suspending judgement. The constitution of the United States of America expects this of us. This is the challenge. Our best and only help is one another. Can we find a way to talk to and about one another that does not assume the worst? If so, how can we then bring that to our legal system. Consider teachers accused and the damage done to those who are innocent. We need to talk about this more and less about how clearly guilty Mr Sandusky is. Guilt is a legal concept and is determined in the courts. If we prefer an emotional verdict, consider Shirley Jackson's story The Lottery. What I am suggesting is not easy. I don't have the magic beans to get us there, but we very obviously need to talk about it and move toward a more intelligent way of reacting before, during and maybe more importantly after an individual is legally convicted.

    February 10, 2012 at 9:04 pm |
  2. Ven

    Benson wrote: "We all know there's bias in the Drive-By Media."Honestly, Benson. Do you autaclly read or do you get all your information from Rush? Obviously, without him, you wouldn't have any catch phrases.CNN is about a Democrat as Ron Paul is a Republican. Please note that the sponsor of the debate was "Clean Coal," a names as oxymoronic as "consentual rape." Notice how the debate shied away from questions about global warming and the effects of the coal industry? And as much noise as has been made about the supposed "Democratic plant", and the obvious steps made to keep "groups" from having their agenda put forth in the debate, there was no shying away from Grover Norquist who represents a decidedly right wing, well funded organization, "Americans For Tax Reform." Interestingly, ATF received tens of thousands of dollars from indicted neo-con Jack Abramoff (this is documented in a June 2006 Senate Indian Affair investigation report.)and yet no mention of that from Andy Cooper? Isn't it interesting how someone who is actively lobbying the Republican candidates to sign his "no new tax pledge", is on intimate terms with all the Republican candidates and is linked with the Abramoff scandal is unquestionably picked from 5,000videos? If CNN was staying away from "groups", why was Norquist not filtered out? If CNN is the supposed "Clinton News Network", why would they allow such a right wing hack to make the video cut?Benson, your hackery is painfully transparent. Rather than recite the typical El Rushbo tripe, why not autaclly research your points and come up with your own catch phrases?

    February 22, 2012 at 11:04 am |