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January 25th, 2012
08:02 PM ET

Looking at a rescue mission

Two former Navy SEALS explain how the successful raid to rescue a group of hostages in Somalia went down.

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  1. Sam McElroy

    Dear Mr. King,

    I have great respect for your intellect, and would be delighted if you could pose the following question to the Republican candidates, either during the debate, or in any other appropriate forum:

    "Would Christ, the mascot of the political right, vote for the right? Would a humble carpenter, who preached tolerance and forgiveness, healed the sick, distributed the food, cared not for the morrow, shunned materialism, refused to cast the first stone, turned the other cheek, and rendered unto Caesar that which was Caesar's, would such a man espouse the values of the political right? Would He pledge to abolish a system which feebly attempts, against all odds, to care for the less fortunate amongst us? Would He condemn gay people, themselves a creation of God (presumably)? Would he callously divide and deport hard-working, rendering-unto-Caesar families who have been long-entrenched in their communities? Would HE ask those with less to give more than those WITH more? Would He wage preemptive war and, Herod-like, slaughter the innocents?"

    The only true Christian society I know of is Scandinavian society, an essentially secular one! People are raised with the Sandemose-inspired aspiration to equality. They are delighted to pay not 30% in taxes, but well over 60%! They do so willingly because the society they have built works, in every sector. It is an economic and political model of true Christian values, without the nausea of self-righteousness.

    Mr. King, it is about time that someone, ANYONE with an intellect and access to these four men, ask this fundamental question: "Why do you, on the right, worship the world's first social democrat?"

    I am tired, as a thinking man, of allowing this glaring paradox to fly during public debates. It is an ESSENTIAL question, more essential than all others, and long overdue.

    Your sincerely,

    Sam McElroy

    January 26, 2012 at 11:57 am |