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November 3rd, 2011
09:58 PM ET

Perry: I know how to secure the border

Gov. Rick Perry tells CNN's John King that if he's elected president he's confident he can secure the U.S.-Mexico border within a year.

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  1. Miquel

    "There is a way to stop illegal
    immigration without high costs. It is to make them want to deport
    themselves. Right now the U.S. is welcoming them with open arms and
    wallets. Why not try to come here? There are legal citizens that
    are taking up their cause. What do they have to lose?

    In a time when there is less for
    American citizens (fewer government program, disappearing school
    programs, lower education quality, classroom overcrowding, just to
    name a few), why are we helping people to come to our country to make
    those problems worse?

    1. Declare that there will never again
    be illegal immigration amnesty. The first one was a mistake that
    lead to 4 to 5 times the number of illegals. Give them six months to
    get out, no questions asked.

    2. After that six months anyone caught
    here, regardless of the age, will be banned forever. No future
    citizenship, no legal immigration, not even a vacation visa. The
    exception to this would be those here committing other crimes,
    including identity theft.

    3. Those caught again that are 18+ will
    be given at least 5 years in prison. Those under 18 will be sent
    back to the parents’ country of origin for state foster care.

    4. Add up how much the U.S. tax payer
    gave each illegal deported or incarcerated and bill the country of
    origin. The countries that do not want to pay, no more foreign aid,
    even when faced with catastrophe.

    5. CORRECTLY interpret the 14th
    Amendment. Illegal immigration was not a problem in 1868. What was
    a problem were the newly freed American slaves brought here or born
    to other American slaves because slavery was once legal here. This
    amendment was to give the slaves their legal rights, not to grant
    citizens to an illegal border jumper who just stuck the American
    people with their birthing bill.

    6. Enforce laws against hiring
    illegals. Once it is shown that business owners are going to jail
    for that, you can be sure that most will not take a chance on hiring
    illegals. If there are fewer jobs for illegals, they are less likely
    to be here.

    Illegal immigration will always be a
    problem, but for it to be at this level is intolerable. I believe
    that by taking those LOGICAL steps we can join the rest of the
    civilized world in putting our own citizens first, before illegals."

    November 4, 2011 at 6:34 pm |
  2. Brook

    that they were only payng $15 an hour for journeyman nrtpecaers. I decided to check with the Carpenters Union to find out if they could put me back work on a union job. What I found was that the entire industry had effected by the influx of illegals and that the Union was now taking illegals as dues paying members with no regard for what is going on behind the scenes or how it's putting guys like me at serious disadvantage. Illegals are sponsored by so called legals, many of whom I am told by a associate with the dept. of immigration have gained false documentation and are supposedly being paid union wages of over $30 an hour. What they are really doing is paying them 4 hours for 8 and enjoying the cheap labor. The union reps get to keep their cushie union jobs that pay nrtpecaers scale and the membership lists are saturated with the names of illegals, while those of us who are not of latin decent are discriminately denied a job or are offered work for less money now than we earned 20 years ago. The system that at one time guaranteed a citizen an honest opportunity for a decent paying job has disappeared and it would seem that people like me have been left out in the cold. Here we are at a time when housing is selling for more that we could imagine ten years ago and the developers and contractors are making more money than ever and I can't find a job that any more than I was getting for umemployment. When I started in construction 25 years ago it was a honerable trade that paid a good living in exchange for hard skilled work. Today, politicians, business people and even the union officials are saying that these are jobs that American Citizens don't want. Not only is it not true, if this kind lack of leadership continues, we are going to see this country turned into the next third world where only a small percentage of the people enjoy the American Dream and the multitude work 16 hours a day just to survive.

    March 23, 2012 at 8:45 pm |