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August 10th, 2011
03:36 PM ET

Be in the know: Today's political bullet points

Every day we ask influential politicos to send us their top three bullet points that are driving the day's conversation inside and outside Washington.

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

– All eyes will be on Iowa the next few days until it has to share stares with the RedState Gathering in Charleston, S.C. Tomorrow there is a GOP debate. For grassroots Republicans sitting on the sidelines, a lot of them want to know how Herman Cain is going to do. People want to support him, but have been sitting back. If he shines, it gives him a boost headed into the straw poll.

– The names are out for the super committee. Republicans are worried about Senator Jon Kyl. Why? He is retiring. Often when politicians have nothing to lose, they go in for bad policy they think will help. But for retiring Congressmen in 2010, Obama would have never gotten his healthcare plan passed.

– The big question for Saturday in Charleston, S.C. — who will introduce Rick Perry? It won't be me. But I have a guess, though I can't say. Blogger/Founder Jane Hamsher:

Obama’s 2008 Hope Morphs Into 2012 Slash-and-Burn

S&P Now Certifiable; It Downgrades Companies That Own World’s Safest Bonds

TMZ: Matt Damon for Presidnet, Says Michael Moore on FDL

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  1. Dave Francis

    Currently these are the 12 contenders for the presidential candidacy, regarding one of the highest issues that will hit the campaign trail for 2012. Chris Christie present Governor of New Jersey has not decided on this path yet. The majority of competitors will debating about jobs, the economy, foreign policy and many other issues in Ames, Iowa straw poll. There is dilemma that we cannot escape from, as it causing a major displacement of working Americans. According to a report there are an estimated 8 million illegal workers in mostly low income jobs throughout the United States, yet 14 million Americans have little chance of finding work in this dark recession. Even so with these figures in mind, the left still wants to enact an amnesty that could cost according to the Heritage Foundation 2.6 Trillion dollars. We hear almost every day from the Liberal academia, which by passing an amnesty, including a covert amnesty called the Dream Act that the economy will grow.

    How can this be, when analysts within (FAIR) Federation of American Immigration Reform that federal costs are designated at $113 Billion dollars a year and this is exempt from what states are also paying out. The Sanctuary State of California and its Liberal legislators have transformed the State in a haven for illegal alien families and carry’s a hefty price tag of $21 Billion. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) has the best grade for her stand on the illegal immigration major problem and should cite illegal Immigration as a one of the causes of Unemployment.’s Ed Rubenstein has been monitoring immigrant displacement of American workers since 2001. Here I want to show more evidence that immigration is linked to high unemployment .

    This is a appraisal of competing lawmakers on their stance about illegal immigration from NumbersUSA.

    Michele Bachmann, U.S. Representative from Minnesota (B- ); Tim Pawlenty, former Governor of Minnesota (C+) ; Herman Cain, former Federal Reserve banker and businessman from Georgia (C-) ;Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts (D) ; Sarah Palin former Governor of Alaska ( D) ; Rick Perry Governor of Texas (D-) ; Jon Huntsman, Jr., former U.S. Ambassador to China and former Governor of Utah (D-) ;Newt Gingrich, former U.S. Speaker of the House of Representatives from Georgia ( D-) Rick Santorum, former Senator from Pennsylvania ( F ) ; Gary Johnson, former Governor of New Mexico (F ) ;Ron Paul, U.S. Representative from Texas ( F) ; Chris Christie Governor of New Jersey. (F) ; Barack OBama, Present President from Illinois ( F-)

    Here is an example of expenditures in the small state of Rhode Island that has a limited state budget but still burdened with illegal aliens. Because of the 14th Amendment, children born in the United States get instant citizenship. This is something that has become comparable to the free education and free uninsured health care that taxpayers are the recipients taxing.

    This is truly stomach churning when citizens and legal citizens have no jobs, but have a family to feed. This is encouragement on a grand scale, which epitomizes the major problem inherited from previous administrations and leftist activists in the court system? Each year it’s so estimated that 300.000 pregnant women slip past the border patrol, with another 40 percent entering America with tourists and students.

    The fact is that it’s perfectly legal for a destitute, pregnant illegal alien, who presents herself as such, to receive state aid in Rhode Island. As Rep. Peter G. Palumbo (D-RI) reported, if pregnant illegal aliens show up at a Human Services office in Rhode Island, they are given the option of Blue Cross, United Healthcare, or Neighborhood Health insurance. They also receive a $450 a month debit card, and $275 a month in food stamps. According to Palumbo, the extension of such entitlement programs to illegal aliens is costing the state approximately $150-$350 million a year.

    Think of the cost nationwide, specifically in Liberal controlled capitols such as Sacramento, California where the cost monthly is beyond understanding. Return to a Democrat House and senate, with Liberal entices, would bring us even more entitlements forced from Americans in taxes, to pay for the invading aliens. Rep. Michele Bachmann will end these travesties to our laws, halt small clandestine amnesties, Dream Acts, sanctuary cities and States and return this nations sovereign government to the people. Learn more to make your vote count in the Ames Straw poll and forward to the 2012 election. Many voters think there one vote doesn’t count, but your State and federal Representative wants that vote. Call them and tell them you want an end to the illegal immigration occupation. Investigate for yourself the costs and statistics unresolved problem at NumbersUSA, American Patrol, Judicial Watch and VDare.

    The TEA PARTY has become an immense grassroots movement of tens of millions of one- mind Americans from all racial and religious backgrounds, political parties, no matter what the adverse pundits say? The TEA PARTY members share the focused philosophy of limited government, individual freedoms, personal responsibility, "fair" free markets and above all else returning power to the States and the people. The TEA PARTY is about reforming all political parties and control, so the key principles of our Constitution, once again is the foundation of which this nation stands.

    August 10, 2011 at 3:59 pm |
    • Binder

      I agree with that, but beordr security must still tighten up. Stopping drug cartels and terrorists from getting into America is the No. 1 priority. And halting SB1070 will only prevent that from happening.

      February 22, 2012 at 3:35 pm |
  2. Shelly French

    I am a Canadian that watches CNN. My question is, if the Republican's are capitalists, and want to get rid of government, and allow the corporations, the tax breaks with the greatest control of the market place; then why is Wall Street looking at the government (which they unfortunately have named President Obama as the government - he's only one man of many) to bail them out?. Allow Wall Street to figure out what to do. Let Wall Street seek its own level.. But NO.... NOW THEY WANT THE GOVERNMENT to create a strategy and bail it out. Make up their minds. Either you want free enterprise to run the show or you want the government (both Republicans and Democrats, not just blame one man, "President Obama" taking all the blame for the disaster in the world and especially in the U.S.).

    August 10, 2011 at 7:23 pm |
  3. Joan

    David Gergen keeps saying that there is no leadership being shown in Washington and he and others are hinting that the President and Congress should come back. Well, with all due respect it seems that having the Congress, especially the divisive and extremeist Tea Party members of the House, out of Washington is exactly what is needed. Have people not noticed that the stock market was not doing badly at all until July when they hijacked the debt ceiling debate leading to the instability that caused the downgrade? Having them back would again start the bickerting and that benefits no-one. They all need some time to cool off. Boehner said he wanted to hide and who can blame him since the Tea Party humiliated him and exposed him as nothing but a figure head and puppet with them pulling the strings. Right now all the politicians need to be back with their constituents and hearing their opinions about their actions. Perhaps some of them will realize that their hard lines were not so great after all. I really do think the members of the House who signed the no tax pledges should tell Norquist to put it "where the sun don't shine" and they should rip up their pieces of signed papers. Perhaps the politicians will listen to their constituents, get some positive, new ideas and come back with a fresh attitude about actually making government work. The Super Committee looks pretty balanced and has some really good people on it so hopefully they will each use the time to go over the previous plans and come back ready to really make a difference. Actually the whole Republican brand took a pretty hard hit during July and the less any of them are in the spotlight is probably best for them too. Trying to dictate to the President and Congress what they should do is really no-one's business anyway. Anyone who wants that much power should run for office themselves and put their money where their mouth is.

    August 11, 2011 at 1:08 pm |