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August 8th, 2011
10:14 PM ET

Worst days of Obama's presidency?

CNN's John King is joined by panel members to discuss the U.S. credit downgrade and Afghan attack.

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  1. Glenda Denman

    This is your Mother speaking!


    Back and Forth. Back and Forth.

    I want to scream!

    When my grandsons behave in the way you have behaved, they get sent to their corners to think about their actions and their attitudes until they can agree to cooperate toward their mutual goals. You’ve been warned now, several times, and each warning has been more extreme.

    No more warnings! Into your corners NOW.

    Think about your actions and your attitudes, and ask yourselves if they couldn’t use a little tweaking to get your mutual goals accomplished.

    We ALL care about America. We all have our own points of view about how our nation should be run. It is my belief that it is our differences that make us strong. For the most part, they are well thought points of view and most are valid. I don’t believe that there are too many viewpoints that are inherently bad, although many seem to be very narrow, some are based on ignorance and a few are based on someone else’s power struggle and not truly reflections of the majority.

    We are supposed to be grownups. That generally means we gave up name calling in the sixth or seventh grade. We treat each other with respect. We listen when it is someone else’s turn to speak. We accept responsibility for our own actions. We clean up behind ourselves and try to leave things in a little better shape than we found them. If we make a mistake, we apologize and then FIX it! We are not children and we are not animals. BEHAVE!

    You people have had MY life in your hands and I am taking it back!

    You may NOT decide for me!

    I don’t trust you and I don’t like more than half of you. At least half of you are not getting the privilege of returning!

    But I still love you all.

    aka: Glenda Denman
    Round Rock, Texas

    August 8, 2011 at 11:20 pm |
  2. Grant in San Diego

    I am convinced that it is time for a do-over. Time for a rewrite of the constitution. Finance top universities for a PolySci projects to cover different aspects, like immigration reform, so the group would have several alternatives. Pick a delegation from each state by lottery, politicians need not apply. Each state's delegation should be a cross section of the 'real' population. Not just a bunch of white guys. Also the number of delegates for a state would be determined by population.

    If politicians are allowed into the process, you might have better results with a room full of chimpanzees with crayons.

    August 10, 2011 at 7:13 pm |