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July 15th, 2011
12:41 PM ET

@JoeKleinTIME on the road, again

CNN’s John King talks to TIME’s Joe Klein about his upcoming road trip around the country beginning on September 10th. He’s asking viewers to help him decide where he should visit when he’s in your state. “I’m especially interested in meeting with small businesspeople, finding out what’s good and bad about what you do, what the government does to help or hurt your business” says Klein, “but I’d like anyone else who wants to talk about the future (and present) of our country, too.” To get involved or learn more about his trip click here.

And don’t forget that John King teamed up with Gowalla, the location based mobile and web service, to share his experiences from the road. Following President Barack Obama’s inauguration, John traveled to all 50 states to sit down with residents in local diners to hear their thoughts on the economy and politics. John even had recommendations for stops for Joe on his bus trip.

Check out more of John’s favorite sites on Gowalla. To participate and see the trips John created, Gowalla users should follow John by going to John King, USA’s Gowalla page and clicking the "follow John King, USA" button in the right column. You will then have access to John’s custom Trips at or on your smartphone via the Gowalla app.

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