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June 6th, 2011
02:52 PM ET

Be in the know: Today's political bullet points

Every day we ask influential politicos to send us their top three bullet points that are driving the day's conversation inside and outside Washington.

The Dewey Square Group Principal Maria T. Cardona:

– Will the real Mitt Romney please stand up? Will he be for or against gay rights, TARP, Cap and Trade, abortion rights, and not last and not least, the individual mandate? Its summer and voters like worn out flip flops – on their feet – not as their Commander-in-Chief.∙

– And then there’s Rick Santorum who announced officially today his run for the GOP nomination. He is in the single digits right now but he will certainly be a darling of the social conservatives and the religious right which of course means he will have no chance of winning the general election. There is much to read about Santorum – just don’t Google him!

– Sarah PAC is undergoing a search for a top-notch History tutor – who will start with the subject “Who is Paul Revere and whom (and about whom) was he warning was coming?”

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

– Anthony Weiner no doubt went to bed Friday night, breathed a sigh of relief, and figured he had survived the week and could get on with his life with the scandal behind him. Except, over the weekend another college coed forwarded pictures to Andrew Breitbart alleging a pattern of conduct from Congressman Weiner, including one picture of the Congressman holding up a piece of paper with the word "me" on it in front of his face.

– A number of conservatives, myself included, were sent copies of Sarah Palin's "The Undefeated" over the weekend. The documentary mostly covers her time as Governor of Alaska, but makes a strong case at the end that Palin is the heir to Ronald Reagan's legacy. For Palin fans, it will probably go a long way toward sealing the deal. For independents, the lengthy dissertation on Palin's bipartisan work in Alaska might improve her favorability ratings. For those who already hate her, the documentary will just inflame their passion against her. It is clear to me, after watching it, that Palin really wants to run if she can find a path to victory.

– Jobs. Many will be focused on Steve Jobs today as he unveils new software at the Moscone Center (I'll be one of them). The rest of America will be focused on the jobs too few people have and too many people can't find. This is now the longest unemployment since the Great Depression and another reason why I think Republicans will not have as hard a time beating Barack Obama in 2012 as some might think.

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  1. Brandt Hardin

    The Palin Propoganda Machine is coming to a theater near you! As reckless as Palin is with her mouth, I don’t want to see what she does with a full length film. Mamma Grizzly’s rhetoric is predominately negative and continues to lower the world’s expectations of our government and society. I was compelled to create a visual commentary about her on my artist’s blog at

    June 6, 2011 at 4:40 pm |