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March 10th, 2011
10:23 PM ET

Gadhafi likely to survive revolt?

CNN's John King and panelists discuss comments on Libya that have a U.S. intel chief under fire.

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March 10th, 2011
09:27 PM ET

Wisconsin: Governor Walker wins

CNN's Ed Lavendera tells John King how crowds reacted to the anti-union bill in Wisconsin that passed Thursday.

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March 10th, 2011
08:07 PM ET

'Fat cat union bosses' destroying country?

In politics, it seems, fat cats come in all sorts of breeds.

A group called The National Republican Trust aired a hard-hitting ad late last night in Madison, Wis. attacking public sector unions. In one part, the ad featured video of union leaders – including AFL-CIO president Richard Trumka – as a voiceover wonders, “Are these fat cat union bosses trying to destroy our country?”

The use of the term “fat cats” is noteworthy because President Obama has used it to describe those in the private sector who are often at odds with union leaders – Wall Streeters. In December 2009, he told CBS, “I did not run for office to be helping out a bunch of fat cat bankers on Wall Street.”

There were no specific donor disclosures on The National Republican Trust’s website, but the group describes its supporters as coming “from all walks of life,” and sharing “one common belief, that America has been a great nation because of her people and their enduring values.”

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March 10th, 2011
02:48 PM ET

Be in the know: Today's political bullet points

Every day we ask influential politicos to send us their top three bullet points that are driving the day's conversation inside and outside Washington.

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

– Wisconsin Republicans push through an end to collective bargaining. Democrats cry foul, but the Senate Democrats couldn't even be bothered to participate in the debate.

– Rep. King's hearing on radical Islam is set to begin. A vocal minority is opposed to the hearing, but most seem to agree it is a valid hearing.

– iPad 2. It comes out tomorrow. Yay!

Talk Show Host and Online Editor of Mario Solis-Marich:

– Modern Family: Latino’s continue to post huge census gains across the country as many State Democratic Party leaders ignore the obvious opportunity and national GOPers look to seize it.

– Curb Your Enthusiasm: Huckabee finds that enthusiastically embracing Tea Party rhetoric only works for elected officials who represent safe GOP districts and is not welcomed by the American mainstream as he backtracks on his false accusations regarding Obama’s upbringing and his attacks on motherhood itself.

– Two and a Half Men: Governor Walker tacitly admits he has been lying about the fiscal impact of collective bargaining just in time to meet the Koch duo's goal of destroying collective bargaining rights.

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