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November 8th, 2010
10:46 PM ET
November 8th, 2010
10:46 PM ET
November 8th, 2010
12:46 PM ET

Be in the know: Today's political bullet points

Everyday we ask influential politicos to send us their top three bullet points that are driving the day's conversation in and outside Washington.

Happy Monday. There are a few races still to be settled, and congressional leadership challenges in both parties that may or may not get messy. And, of course, there are recriminations and endless attempts to learn lessons for 2012 from the experience of 2010. That is where we find Mario and Erick focused in today's bullet points. Mario's second and third points are good tests to watch. And Erick sees many troubling lessons for the GOP winners and one defining test for the losers. The ads are over; the battles are hardly started. Enjoy the day. – John King

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

– The GOP's success on Tuesday hid some fundamental and potentially fatal flaws come 2012. The lack of 72 hour program hurt the GOP in close races across the country.

– Behind the scenes, top Republican victors from Tuesday night are calling members of the RNC telling them one thing — they don't care who the person supports as long as it is not Michael Steele.

– The Democrats have already seized on their slogan, "Show us the cuts." The GOP's response? "Obamacare." If the Democrats refuse to cut it, they must not be serious.

Talk Show Host and Online Editor of Mario Solis-Marich:

– Courtship: The GOP talking point that Corporations don’t want to spend on hiring due to “uncertainty” falls apart as those companies spend billions on political ads to woo swing voters.

– Forgiveness: Disgruntled progressive groups begin to gear up as the prospects of a low turnout 2012 scare them back into Obama’s fold.

– Vengeance: Senator Harry Reid is planning a dramatic lame duck session that GOP moderates may use to get back at DeMint.

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