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October 28th, 2010
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October 28th, 2010
04:20 PM ET

Brewer blames DUI reports on 'silly season'

(CNN) – Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer questioned the timing of recent reports that she was involved in a 1988 alcohol-related car accident, blaming opposition to her candidacy in the final days of a tight race for her first full term as governor.

"It's interesting that so much stuff rises to the top for whatever the reasons, but yeah it's the silly season, I think people are digging and trying to discredit, different candidates not only here in Arizona but certainly across Arizona," Brewer told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King in an interview set to air Thursday on John King, USA at 7 p.m. EST.

The Arizona Republic reported Wednesday night that Brewer – then a state senator – was involved in a minor fender bender over two decades ago, and that officers at the scene believed she was intoxicated.

Brewer has maintained that she did not believe that she was impaired.

"I had gone to dinner with some legislators, had dinner and had a couple of glasses of wine and was driving home on I-17 which is a free way in Phoenix and it was a construction zone," Brewer told CNN.

"We were traveling at very slow speed and I rear-ended the car that was in front of me. The Department of Public Safety was called, and they determined by their investigations, if you will, that they were going to detain me. I believe that I was not impaired," Brewer said.

Though Brewer was detained briefly, she was never charged in the crash. The state of Arizona protects lawmakers from arrest during the legislative session, although charges could have been filed after the session ended, according to the Arizona Republic. The Republic has questioned whether Brewer might have received special treatment from the Department of Public Safety because police did not follow-up on the investigation after the legislative session ended.

But Brewer has steadfastly denied that she asked for or received any special treatment.

"Bottom line was indeed I never claimed that I was a state senator nor did I – or do I – believe that elected officials should have legislative immunity. So that was not anything that I brought up, and certainly tried to the best of my ability and I think the report will say that I was very cooperative and polite," Brewer told CNN.

Brewer was appointed governor last year when Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano stepped down to join the Obama Administration. Brewer remains locked in a tight battle with Democratic state Attorney General Terry Goddard.

By: CNN's Alison Harding

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October 28th, 2010
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Be in the know: Today's political bullet points

Five days out and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer says she sees "silly season" in sudden attention to a 1988 accident in which police believed she was intoxicated but didnt charge her because they said she had immunity as a state senator. But she also concedes she cant trace anything back to her opponent. I can't find anyone who knows AZ politics who sees an incident 22 years ago dramatically changing the dynamics of the race. More October surprises? Time is running short. An old left-of-center source on the ground in Nevada says pro-Democratic energy is hard to come by, but predicts a recount in the Reid-Angle race. On to the bulett points: Mario, always playful, has an entertaining series of "before and after" comparisons. Humor is always welcome, especially smart humor. Erick sees weather helping the GOP and money not much of a game changer for the Democrats. No. 3 doesnt shock me, but perhaps it does many of you. Enjoy the day.–John King

Everyday we ask influential politicos to send us their top three bullet points that are driving the day's conversation in and outside Washington.

RedState.Com Editor Erick-Woods Erickson:

– Rain is in the forecast for key swing states on Tuesday, in addition to the last few days of early voting. Advantage: Republicans.

-Despite their incessant whining about shadowy Republican money, Democrats have outspent the GOP across the country. They did in Virginia and New Jersey last year and Massachusetts earlier this year too. Didn't help in any of those races.

-I voted. I even voted for several Democrats running statewide in Georgia including Carol Porter for Lt. Governor. Shocking, I know!

Mario Solis-March: Talk Show Host and Online Editor of Mario Solis-Marich:

-Before Election: Sharron Angle anticipates her loss and claims Harry Reid has stolen the election After Election: Angle claims it was “illegal immigrants from Canada with tans” that broke into voting machines

-Before Election: The DNC puts it’s pinky on its lip a-la Dr. Evil and brags about spending "a million dollars on Spanish language ads!" After Election: The DNC apologizes for only spending a paltry million dollars on Spanish Language ads.

-Before Election: Pundits claim "This is a wave election! This is a wave election!" After Election: Pundits claim "We were right! It was just a typical midterm! It was just a typical midterm!"

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