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September 23rd, 2010
09:13 PM ET

Barney Frank's challenger on Pledge to America

NEWTON, Mass (CNN) – Sean Bielat hopes to help House Republicans keep their “Pledge To America” promises next year. But he wishes the GOP leadership asked his opinion first.

Bielat is an ex-Marine and the GOP challenger against Democratic Rep. Barney Frank. Bielat is a longer than long shot, but says his recent campaign polling shows he has a chance, and, while local Democrats roll their eyes, the fact that Scott Brown won the district in his stunning Senate upset has local Republians thinking it isn’t out of the question.

More on that another time. But during a visit to Bielat’s campaign headquarters Thursday, among our questions was his reaction to the new GOP list of promises that was unveiled by the GOP leadership outside of Washington.

“Well, I am happy that something has come out because for awhile, I have been saying,- hey, you know, one thing about 1994 was agree or disagree, you knew what the Republicans were trying to accomplish,” Bielat told us.

“So, I am glad that there is some leadership on the issue now. I have seen the highlights in articles this morning, I haven't had time to sit down and read it.”

Bielat said he was all for a tough line on spending and deficits and the growth of government. But he went on to say: “I would have liked more of a dialogue on it – reaching out to candidates saying what issues are important, what should we be doing, that sort of thing. Because, if we are going to be going into the Congress, and trying to implement, you have to be there at the front end. So, I can't say that I honestly know enough about what is in there right now to say one way or the other whether it is a good thing.

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