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September 8th, 2010
03:43 PM ET

NEW ALBANY, OHIO: Coffee with Kasich

John Kasich is no fan of the Obama economic program, but says perhaps this time the president has an idea worth considering.

The former GOP congressman is running for Ohio governor now, and says he wants to study the proposal President Obama is set to unveil Thursday near Cleveland.

The president is to propose a new research and development tax credit, in an effort to spur hiring. But the GOP congressional leadership has all but ruled out cooperating on any major Obama economic initiatives before Election Day.

"Better late than never as far as I am concerned," Kasich told CNN on Wednesday over coffee. "I need to see the details – these things are always in the details. … I've never been somebody who opposes an idea just because it happens to come from somebody in another party."

That said Kasich was scathing in his take of the Obama economic record so far:

"The tragedy here is it's almost a blown two years," the former House Budget Committee Chairman said. "When you take a look at the taxes in the health care bill, when you take a look at the amount of additional regulations on businesses and the Bush tax cuts are going to be repealed. Uncertainty strikes fear in the heart of businesses particularly small businesses and it strikes fear into the hearts of Americans"

Kasich labels incumbent Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland as anti-business, arguing the state's tax and regulatory climate discourages investments and job growth. Strickland disputes that, and in turn labels Kasich a pawn of Wall Street, citing his past work for Lehman Brothers.

Asked how he would be different from Strickland, Kasich said:

"Well the government is going to be modernized and shrunk," he said. "The taxes are going to be reduced. The regulations that get in the way of small business will be systematically repealed," Kasich said. "You're going to have a governor that actually understands business. He'll talk the language of business."

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  1. Muin

    This guys makes a good point about details. I think president should only push for tax breaks and address concerns about health care and small business. Small business leaders are raising that executive agencies are breathing over their neck. No one knows whether government will businesses to cope with extra healthcare expenses. I don't like to see any more infrastructure or any spending push cuz i don't think people have appetite for any more spending

    September 8, 2010 at 11:43 pm |